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Embers Protection Services

Embers Protection Services, a division of CMAC Development, Inc., aims to help reduce the risk of wildfires to residential and commercial properties in the wildland urban interface (WUI) through community outreach education and the installation of smart exterior fire suppression systems. Its mission is to create wildfire-safe properties by implementing innovative structure and perimeter defense strategies.


We were retained as a consultant to provide marketing support for the initial product launch in Southern California and ongoing monthly marketing campaigns and initiatives. As part of the product launch, we worked with the executive team on the following scope of work:


  • Full product brochure

  • Website updates

  • Branded one-sheets for specific target markets

  • Branded PowerPoint presentations for specific target markets

  • Press release, media pitch, and contact list for community media outlets within the target market areas

  • Target market research; keyword list; ad copy and images; Setup of digital advertising campaigns; monitoring of digital advertising campaigns

  • Social media calendar; copy development; graphic design; scheduling of content


Our marketing team provided on-demand monthly marketing services to the EPS team to support its ongoing sales and marketing initiatives.

Marketing Services

  • Communications Strategy

  • Copywriting

  • Digital Advertising Management

  • Graphic Design

  • Presentation Design

  • Social Media Management

  • Target Market Research

  • Video Production

  • Website Management

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