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FOM|UCPath Project

The UCPath Project was a University of California system-wide initiative to standardize more than 100 UC human resources, payroll, and benefits business processes through the implementation of PeopleSoft. The University of California, Riverside was a pilot campus of the initiative with a December 2017 go-live date.

UC Riverside’s Future Operating Model was a campus-specific business operations framework designed to enable effective and efficient delivery of service through standard and optimized business processes. UC Riverside identified seven end-to-end local business processes within the UCPath framework (designated “FOM Processes”) that were re-designed and optimized as part of FOM Phase I.

One of the main tasks of the UC Riverside’s FOM|UCPath Project Team was to successfully execute communications efforts to the faculty and staff on the campus who would be impacted by the changes coming with the implementation of FOM|UCPath.

In Spring 2017, we were retained as a consultant for the UCR FOM|UCPath Communications Team for the design and execution of several brand artifacts to support their communications initiatives. The team’s main focus during this timeframe was on a series of Knowledge Transfer (KT) sessions about FOM|UCPath (scheduled for various departments throughout the campus); the launch of a new responsive website that would serve as the main information hub for the project; and an Organizational Excellence (OE) event held on the campus.

The scope of our involvement on the project included the design of:

  • 10 stand-up banners for the OE event in May 2017

  • Informational tri-fold brochure for the OE event and KT sessions

  • Infographics for six “Non-FOM” processes

  • Supporting assets required for the new FOM|UCPath project website

  • Supporting assets required for KT session PowerPoint presentations

  • April 2017 Navigator newsletter

  • Wireframes for the UCPath portal

Our main role was graphic and layout design for all of the brand artifacts named. We performed copywriting, copyediting and proofreading as needed. Each piece was designed in compliance with UC Riverside’s Identity Standards Manual.

Marketing Services

  • Communications Strategy

  • Copywriting

  • Graphic Design

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